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Male Multigen Medium Bernedoodle

Date of Birth


Estimated Adult Weight

Currently Training Level and Price:

Puppy Academy Level 1


Go Home Date:

August 15, 2023

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A Bit About "Saffron's" Temperament

This pup is as playful as they come. He is intelligent and quick to pick up on training. In the litter, he has always been a leader and love to follow me and my boys around as we go about working in the yard or playing in our home. He is the largest pup in the litter and will likely finish his growth out at 45lbs which is an ideal size for an apartment or home with small yard.

Saffron is currently enrolled in our Puppy Academy and will be ready for his forever home August 15th once he has completed all of his vaccinations and has an incredible training foundation. During his time in our training program he is working on:

Training Timeline:

April 15, 2023 - June 15, 2023
Puppy Preschool

June 16, 2023 - July 13, 2023
Puppy Kinder

July 14, 2023 - August 15, 2023
Puppy Academy Level 1

From the moment puppies are born, they are in our puppy preschool where activities are curated around the developmental stages of puppyhood. From days 3 - 16 puppies have Early Neurological Stimulation as well as Early Scent Introduction. From days 17 - 56 puppies are given opportunities to develop their brains and to learn that the world is safe, dogs are friendly, and people are kind.

This crucial time in a puppy's life is when a lot of safe socialization needs to happen so that a puppy is well rounded and best prepared for life. Puppies start crate training, house training, and house manners at this time. 5 days a week they have training sessions with our in house professional dog trainer, Julia. By 12 weeks these pups have an incredible head start on life and are ready to hit the round running!

Building off of all the previous training, puppies finalize their house training and crate training. Obedience is introduced and puppies learn commands like: Place, Off, Sit, Down, Leave it, No, Yes. By this time they walk well on a leash. Their final round of puppy vaccinations are given at this time and pup is ready to be out and about in the big, fun world.

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