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"Bruno" F1b Standard Bernedoodle

DOB: 12/7/2022 

Bruno is a male F1b Bernedoodle Puppy that expected to be 60 - 70lbs full grown. 


He is currently in our Turnkey Program (aka will be fully trained and ready to go!) and is rocking life at his board and train with Rocky Mountain K9  .

Skip the puppy stage and get the dog off your dreams with this pup that is: Confident, playful, and a whole fluff ball of FUN! He will be the dog that you get to enjoy without needing to go through the puppy stage. 


He will be completely trained and socialized and ready to show off to all your friends! 


As a Turnkey puppy, he will know:


Sit stay, down stay, go to bed, stay in crate, loose leash walking, heel, recall, manners, no, yes, off, down, wait, on, crate trained, potty trained, load into your car, shake/high five.


He will be able to do these things with distraction and to hold all commands until released!


All training materials, minus their crate, will be yours to keep.


Because we want you to be able to have the best trained dog on the block, you will need to come and pick up him up from our family in person!


Plan on staying 3 days while we help you learn how to communicate effectively with Bruno and how to maintain his training. 

His estimated completed training date is June 1st, 2023.


p.s. Stay tuned for updated videos and photos of Bruno

**If you would prefer to pick a puppy from a litter and enroll it in our turnkey program, please let us know as we only have a few spots available in our Turnkey Puppy Program each year!

**Ecollar training is an option for an additional cost of $5,000 and can increase the time pup needs to stay with us!

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