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Male Medium Multigenerational Bernedoodle               $4,500

Packer is the most petite male in the litter  that has perfect markings and a more wavy coat which is going to be incredibly dreamy blowing the wind. 

Estimated adult weight is 45lbs and 18 inches a the withers. Birthdate was 7/27/2023

He has a medium amount of energy and will be able to match your vibe at home, whether that means hiking or hanging out watching the next Netflix series you are binging. 

When it come to people, he can be a little self serving. Cowboy can be a little unsure of himself and will need a family that helps him come out of his shell and trust that the world is a beautiful place to be explored and enjoyed.

If interested, please email: or text (801)702-7618

Here are links to her Temperament Test Video & Scorecard!

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