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Male Medium Multigenerational Bernedoodle               $4,500

Mr. Packer is as sweet as they come with a playful side for sure! He is confident and loves a good game of chase.

Estimated adult weight is 50lbs and 20 inches a the withers. Birthdate was 7/27/2023

He has a medium amount of energy and will be able to match your vibe at home, whether that means hiking or hanging out watching the next Netflix series you are binging. 

When it come to people, he likes his people but will be ok when he has alone time.

He will do best in home that has the time to make sure he gets enough human interest action. Another dog or children would suit him as well!

If interested, please email: or text (801)702-7618

Here are links to her Temperament Test Video & Scorecard!

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