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Why A+E Farms?

Because each of our puppies is raised on a specialized curriculum

that prepares them for life outside our home.


Puppy Curriculum

All puppies need to know that that the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly. I am responsible for the first 8 weeks of your puppy's life and I want to make sure I set them up for success by ensuring that they start learning those three principals from the moment they are born.

By exposing a puppy to various activities as it grows, the puppy will be confident as it moves through life. Confident puppies do well adapting and coping with the stresses of being part of a family and can help set a puppy up to become a service or therapy dog.

We focus on a puppy's crucial developmental periods and mindfully move puppies are through a puppy curriculum that helps them to develop nerve strength and confidence.

We start our puppy curriculum 3 days after being born with Early Neurological stimulation (ENS).  ENS was developed by the military and has been used to help strengthen a dogs nervous, and immune system.

Once the puppies eyes and ears are open, about 3 weeks after birth, we start introducing different items to the puppies focusing on their developmental periods to help them become confident.

Before going homes all puppies have been exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, and textures and should be ready to adapt to life with their new families!

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