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"Aries" F1 Standard Bernedoodle

DOB: 1/18/2023  

Aries is a Sadie X Duke pup that is going to be a big adventurous guy! He is one of the more dominate puppies in the litter.


Currently he is in our puppy preschool program where we strictly focus on potty training, crate training, and confidence building! 


As a precursor to our puppy kindergarten, puppies will get weekly grooming, safe socialization on our 53 acre farm, and daily training sessions to work on their confidence.


We will follow a strict schedule to make sure that each puppy gets plenty of playtime, one on one time, and safe socialization.


At 10 weeks when your puppy goes home, they will sleep 8-10 hours in their crate without accidents, know how to “sit to say please”, and will be beginning to work on basic obedience.

Ready to go home TODAY!


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