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F1 Sable Tri Bernedoodle

**Will be retiring end of 2023**

75 - 80lbs

Luna was the dog that started it all. I needed a dog that was non shedding, big, and mellow. I dreamed about getting a Bernese Mountain dog but knew it wouldn't fit our situation. That’s when we happened upon the Bernedoodle and I was sold. We watched for a puppy on our local classified page and when we saw Luna, I knew she was our dog. Luna is a lover. She is very people oriented and loves playing with our family. She is most content right at our feet.

Health Testing:

  • PennHipp - Average Hip Score

  • OFA Elbow - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • OFA Eyes - Normal

  • DNA Testing - Free of 173 genetic diseases tested for via Embark



AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog
65 - 70lbs

Sadie is our small BMD that is a little sassy and a whole lot of fun. She is everything you would expect from a Bernese Mountain Dog and is loyal, a little aloof, and incredibly quirky. She loves Elli more than Austin and you can tell when she is trying to be sneaky because she gets the Sadie grin. We adore her big blocky head and cannot wait to see the mini bernedoodles she will be the mom to for us in the near future!

Health Testing:

  • PennHIP - Average 

  • OFA Elbow - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • OFA Thyroid- Normal

  • DNA Testing - Free of 173 genetic diseases tested via Embark



F1 Mini Bernedoodle  30lbs

Raya is our spunky side kick that we added to our program as an adult. 

She is the girl that is always happy and ready to go regardless of if the activity is lounging around on the couch, following the kids around in the yard, or sitting in the kitchen while I do emails.

At 30lbs she is the perfect size for adventuring while not to small that is is fragile. Her puppies get her happy go lucky attitude and we are so happy to have her has the foundational mom for our mini bernedoodles!

Health Testing:

  • PennHIP - Breed Average

  • OFA HIP - Good

  • OFA Patella - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • DNA Testing - Clear except for IVDD/CDDY carrier (Animal Genetics)


Multigeneration Medium Bernedoodle


April is our spunky curly girl that will start our line of multigenerational bernedoodles. Her stunning coloring is considered Sable Parti. She is quirky, loving, and so playful. She reminds us a LOT of Luna and we love her thick curls that are as soft as lambs wool. 

She will start our line of multi generation bernedoodles and will be paired with a traditional tri bernedoodle to get puppies that are tri and sable colored. The Sable coloring will fade as a puppy grows so if you decide to get a tan/brown puppy from her litter, expect the brown/tan to fade to a lighter color.

Health Testing:

  • PennHIP - Better than breed average

  • OFA HIP - Good

  • OFA Elbow - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • DNA Testing - Free of 173 genetic diseases tested via Embark

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.47.38 PM.png

Estrella de Luna (Reya)

F1b Tri Moyen Bernedoodle
40 - 50lbs

Estrella de Luna aka Reya for short is a puppy that was born and raise right her at A+E Farms! She is a puppy from the OG's Luna and Duke, the foundational breeding pair in our program. When it comes to structure, Reya got all the best traits from her parents. She has the tightest hip score in our program and has such an easy going personality to boot!

Health Testing:

  • OFA Hip - Excellent 

  • PennHIP - .34 Laxity (better than breed average!)

  • OFA Elbow - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • DNA Testing - Genetically Clear (Animal Genetics) 

***Updated photo coming soon! Photo is of Reya at 8 weeks old as a pup!

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