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Our Story

Hello! We are Austin and Elli.

Two months after getting married, we decided we wanted a dog. We quickly added our first bernedoodle, Luna, to our family. Luna is not only a stunning dog, but is also so intelligent and intuitive. She is the reason we decided we wanted to breed berneddoodles. We strongly feel that every family should have the opportunity to add such an amazing canine companion to their home.

With the dream of creating phenomenal companions, we set out on a journey to learn all we could so that we could build an exceptional breeding program that focuses on health and temperament to ensure that each of our buyers are able to have a service or therapy grade dog.

We are continually mentored by the unparalleled Jeanette Forrey of 4e Kennels who not only teaches the logistics of owning a breeding program, but also trains breeders how to create and tailor a puppy curriculum that prepares a puppy be a confident member of the family. 

As dog breeders, it is so important that you honor your dogs and stand behind each puppy you create. Here at A+E Farms we are proud of each of our puppies and can't wait to add you to our A + E Farms family!

Email us if you have any questions and check us out on facebook and instagram! We look forward to being in contact with you <3


Austin and Elli

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