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Welcome to A + E Farms

We are a professional bernedoodle breeder located near Salt Lake City, Utah. We work hard to create a perfect family companions. Use the form to get in touch!

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Bernedoodles are the most family friendly doodle and we are skilled at creating service and therapy grade bernedoodle puppies.

We added our first bernedoodle, Luna, to the family in 2017. She was everything we needed and wanted in a family dog: medium energy, low shedding, confident, and  ​just a general go with the flow attitude that we adore! On top of her amazing temperament, she is also such a stunning dog that turns heads where ever she goes. 


Because of Luna the goals of our breeding program are to:

1. Breed for Temperament AND Health.

2. Create the iconic Tri Colored Bernedoodle that has the markings of the Bernese but is low/non-shedding like the poodle!

3. Maintain a breeding program that allows me to work from home alongside my three sons.

Fill out a puppy application to get the process started of bringing home your new best friend!


Puppies available!

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