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A+E Bernedoodles

Where best friends are home grown ❤️ 

Be confident as a bernedoodle puppy parent!
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Lifetime Support

All of our A+E Bernedoodles go home with:

Virtual Training Course

Generous Go Home Bag

Open Communication

2 Year health Guarantee

We'll be your cheerleader & sounding board through the ups & downs

Peace of mind when it comes to the health of your pup.

Confidence to train your pup and help with the adjustment of a new puppy to your home ❤️ 

Let me send you home with some of my favorite puppy products!

Be in the loop with all things puppy from the moment your pup is born!

Family with Bernedoodles, a bernese puppy, and a poodle

Hey! We are Austin and Elli, professional bernedoodle breeders that raise our puppies in our home, along side our own human kids.

It all started in 2017 when we were on the hunt for a the perfect dog for our family. We were newly weds, finishing up college, and we needed a dog for companionship that could grow into its role as "big sibling" when we decided to add our own human babies to our family. 

We wanted a dog that was big, non-shedding, and able to go with the flow if that meant chilling at home or going for a hike. That is when we found Luna, our first Bernedoodle and we were hooked!

Since then we have focused on learning everything we can about the fluffy, lovable, human adoring bernedoods and are passionate about creating the perfect bernedoodle pup for you!


To make sure you get the best bernedoodle puppy possible, we health test all of our breeding moms and dads, raise puppies on a service and therapy dog curriculum, and guide you personally to picking a puppy that is best suited for your life and family.

Choosing and A+E Bernedoodle pup is choosing a puppy that has been intentionally and professional bred and raised, saving you from the headache and stress of a puppy with an unknown background and upbringing.

Let us help you get your perfect bernedoodle puppy!

Getting an A+E Bernedoodle means...

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Sabrina, California

"I loved working with A+E Farms! I knew right away I could trust them because it was easy to see that they love their puppies and take great care of them. They were intentional about helping me find the right puppy and that made the process much smoother and more comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Bernedoodle. Not to mention, my dog is ADORABLE! I wouldn’t have gone with anyone else!"
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Liz, Massachusetts

"Elli and Austin were so great - not only did they raise such loving and sweet puppies, but they were super helpful throughout the process. They went above and beyond to answer any questions, give us info about the pups, and make sure the transition was smooth. And, most importantly, our pup is such a joy! I highly recommend A and E Farms."

Sawyer, Colorado

“I would highly recommend A+E Farms and have no hesitation about using them again when I'm ready for a second pup. Elli was incredibly helpful, patient, and understanding throughout the entire process. I loved the puppy evaluations so you could really get a feel for the behavior and temperament of each pup before you made your selection. It's clear these pups were raised with lots of love and A+E Farms is committed to making sure their pups would go to equally loving homes.”
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