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Fred - Available - Love Bug

$4,500     Birthdate: January 6, 2024     Multigen Standard Bernedoodle (55- 75lbs estimated adult weight)


Temperament: This pup is the perfect Bernedoodle. He is the boy that all the girls want for a friend as he is just so sweet and friendly. He is the boy you want to take you to the dance because you know you will have a great time and feel so great about yourself throughout the whole date. When it comes to people and dogs, he is more of a one person type of a pup and I can tell he is going to bond deeply with his person. 


Personality: Fred has been my boy's side kick and if it was up to him, he would sleep in their bed with them at night. From school pick up to lounging around the house, he is the family shadow and like every perfect Bernedoodle, he captures the hearts of everyone he meets, but doesn’t demand to be the center of attention.


Activity and Lifestyle: This boy prefers a slower-paced life, he’s eager to please yet can be a little firm in his convictions. He will do best with  consistent training that is gentle yet clear, he wants to learn and hopes to make you proud.

Training Completed: Fred is what we call a “started pup.” He is sleeping 4-5 hours a night in his crate, settles in his crate, grooms calmly, is working on his potty training, and we have been working on his leash walking. He will go home with a 4 week at home training course from My Loyal Hound that will help you continue his training and keep him moving forward in the right direction. If you would prefer a "done for you" training program, we can also arrange that through Rocky Mountain K9.board and train.

If you want a best friend, Fred is for you. He is going to be a nice medium size (I expect him to be 65lbs full grown) and is so gentle. He mozies around and everyone wants to stop and pet him. He has beautiful markings and the softest wavy coat that will be low/non-shedding.


He is a nice Multigenerational Standard Bernedoodle which means we have really cultivated his genetics to create the iconic bernedoodle you would see in an instagram influencer's home.


 I expect him to mature to be 65 lbs as his momma, Bea, is 45lbs and dad, Sundance, is filling out to be 65lbs.  He will enjoy long walks in the mountains and naps on the grass even if your grass is covered by several feet of snow. 

Currently, he is still small enough to fly with a flight nanny to any city in the USA!

Are you ready to share the couch with this loveable work of art?

Laurie and Jo's Labs

Specializing in Labrador Retrievers

New Hampshire

At the breeder mentorship I attended, I personally met Laurie and you cannot meet a more devoted Labrador breeder. Her dogs are raised in home with her family. If you are looking for a Lab she is the woman to talk to.

Endless Pawsabilities Breeding & Training

Specializing in Doodles and Labradors

Paige and Carrel are the sweetest gals from the big state of Texas. The breeds they focus on are Golden Doodles, Labradoodles, and Labrador Retrievers. They also specialize in dog training!


Specializing in Bernedoodles

North Carolina

Shelley is another breeder I have met personally and I am astounded by her deep love for her dogs and her go-getter attitude. Check out her website to learn more about her program.

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